The Norwood Fall Fair

Thanksgiving Weekend -  October 7, 8 & 9, 2017

"Fun For The Whole Herd"

Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibitors: Please visit our Fair Book (available on our home page or by using the link on the left side of this page) to view full details of all our all listings, entry rules, classes, prize monies and more.

Who organizes the Norwood Fair?
The fair is the responsibility of the Norwood Agricultural Society and has been a tradition since 1868. Check our History page for more information and the Contact page for individual managers.

How can I or my child participate as a contestant in any of the events?
Download the Division Information on the left side of this screen for available classes, rules, entry conditions, contact information and prizes. Some events, such as the Childrens' Games can be joined on the day of the fair. To register your child in the Kids' Talent Show, check the Contact page.

Is there going to be a parade?
Certainly! Check your schedule of events for start time and the maps page for the parade route.

Is there an additional charge to view shows (i.e. Concerts, Car Show, Horse & Tractor Pulls)?
All exhibition events are FREE with your admission. Additional charges apply to ticket sales for the midway.

What amenities are available for visitors?
Free parking (see maps page), five washroom locations with hot water, baby diapering station, first aid service, ATM terminal, (limited) trailer camping on the Fairgrounds, food stalls (because you can't forget the candy apple).

Does the fair include a Farmers' Market?
Vendors will be on hand for Thanksgiving Treats such as fruit and vegetables, breads, pies and other goodies. Certainly, you will find ready-to-eat treats like sausage and beef, funnel cakes, popcorn and taffy. Other vendors will offer leather goods, clothes and other items.

Where can I park?
Free parking is available on the fairgrounds via Gate 3 or Gate 5 (see maps page). You can also park nearby on municipal streets but we ask that you please observe all posted parking regulations, do not block driveways and emergency routes, and respect our neighbours' property.

Where is parking for the disabled located?
There are spaces for the disabled on the paved parking area in front of the high school.

Are dogs permitted on the Fairgrounds?
No. Only working dogs are permitted on the Fairgrounds, i.e. Guide Dogs and Flyball participants. Please do not leave pets in your car!

Are there some local accommodations near the fairgrounds?
Kawartha Tourism and accommodation information
Peterborough-area Bed & Breakfast information

How do I apply for vendor space at the fair?
Fill out the vendor application form and fax it to the Fair office.

How do I enter my horse, duck, car, pickled beets into the competition?
Download the Fair Book from the menu at the left to see entry rules, prizes and contact information for each competition class.

Is that giant pumpkin real?
You betcha.